Day & Dress #5

9:49 sunrise
15:53 sunset
today’s high: +6C
tonight’s low: -13C
It’s day 5
I know I talk about the weather a lot but man today has been whack.  It started out 5C and raining. Raining in the Yukon in December.  Then we progressed into crazy snowstormy, windy and white-out conditions.  Even the dog didn’t want to go outside.  Check this out – 10 second timer photographs #1 and #4 in the same series.  Holy blowing snow!

Shoes – locale
Tights – Superstore
Cardigan – Thrifted yesterday
Belt – From a shirt a colleague gave away at work a couple of years ago

I have spent much of today running around.  Remember last December when I mentioned a weird lump under my tongue?  No?  Well, I didn’t say much about it because there wasn’t (isn’t) much to say.  But it hasn’t gone away and instead now of thinking that it is a ranula the otolaryngologist (and we wonder why we call them ENTs) I saw today thinks it’s a growth worthy of extraction.
If all goes well, I will have surgery to remove the lump, my mouth will hurt for a couple of days and the pathology on the growth will come back negative.  If the surgery doesn’t go all that well, I may lose feeling in my tongue.  This would, well, suck.  There’s a lot of blood flow in there, glands, lymph ducts, and nerves.  But the bad version would be if the growth comes back from being tested and turns out to be an oral cancer.  That would really suck.  However, I don’t smoke, I am not male and I am still (just) under 40.  These all make me less likely to have a cancerous lump under my tongue.  Also, it’s been there awhile and hasn’t gotten significantly larger.  So hopefully it’s just a weird, benign growth.  It’s sort of a strange thing to talk about here, so publicly, but hey – this is what has been on my mind today.  I go under the knife Wednesday.  First time.  Fingers crossed that waking up from under anesthetic isn’t as awful as I think it’s going to be.


  1. Yikes on the tongue growth, girl–I will be thinking about you and of course I'm hoping it ain't no thang. On the plus side, you're looking very cute.


  2. suck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I just got a filling last week and was surprised to realize just how much of a wimp I'd become when anticipating pain 😦 Eat lots of ice cream – that's my advice.


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