Day & Dress #8

9:54 sunrise
15:51 sunset
today’s high: 0C
tonight’s low: -11C

Today is recovery day.  Everything went well with the surgery yesterday as far as I can tell.  A 1.5 cm lump was removed from underneath my tongue and I woke up feeling pretty decent.  My mouth is sore and from my ear to my chin is tender but, for the most part, it all went according to plan.  Biopsy results should be back in 10 days or so but the surgeon called me today to say that when he removed the lump it “looked” benign.

I do remember waking up in the recovery room and being exceedingly chatty.  That was probably embarrassing.  I remember asking a bunch of questions about blood pressure.  The poor nurses who have to listen to that every time a patient wakes up.

So here’s what I have been doing since 9am today:
I started and finished my first graphic novel – Essex County by Jeff Lemire.  LOVED it.  

I have also been spending quality time on the interwebs – much surfing of etsy goodness and browsing my friends’ flickr streams.

And, I have been doing all this while cozied up in a wool dress and comfy poncho.

Booties MEC
Long underwear – Elita
Dress – Etsy (Center Stage Vintage)
Poncho – Etsy (Knitwit4ever)
Happy Dressember the 8th!


  1. Glad to hear you're on the mend! Fingers crossed this is the end of it.

    We have a copy of Watchmen, aka the greatest graphic novel ever*, if you want to borrow it sometime.

    *OK, technically a compilation of a comic book series but under one cover it's a graphic novel in my books.


  2. So awesome you Dressembered straight through an unexpected surgery & recovery! That knit poncho and booties look so comfy and I remember admiring that yellow dress from other wears. Glad to hear the lump “looked” okay. Bodies do such weird things.


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