Day & Dress #9

9:56 sunrise
15:50 sunset
today’s high: 1C
tonight’s low: -7C

I made it to work this morning but have come home at lunch.  Not feeling up to it yet.  And my tongue is feeling weirdly fat in my mouth.  Might have to go and see if I’ve got an infection starting to rage in there.  Grr.  At least I have an excuse for weird photo face.

But behold! One of my favourite skirts (over a dress, of course).

Not quite 100% thrifted today.  The shoes and long underwear were purchased new.  The purple dress (H&M), however, was from a swap, the skirt was purchased at a Whitehorse consignment store and the cardigan was thrifted on my behalf by mavenhaven.  Even the necklace was a swap item back in my flickr clothing swapping heyday.
This weekend we are off to Skagway, Alaska for the “Santa Train” with some friends (and their kids – that part is obvious, right?).  Hoping for sunny weather and maybe some northern lights!

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