Day & Dress #13

10:02 sunrise
15:48 sunset
today’s high: -3C
tonight’s low: -15C

Not only is today Dressember the 13th but it is also Everybody, Everywhere’s monthly challenge: sequins & sparkles.

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere

There is very little in my closet that fits this bill but I did pick up this kinda cool 80s sweater for our pond hockey team costume last November…

So I figured what the hell.  I’d wear it today for the challenge but I’d nix the 80s make up.  I nabbed these photos on my lunch break.  Trying to take self-portraits away from the eyes of one’s co-workers is a bit of a challenge.  I did get “caught” today but just owned up to it: yes, I am outside the loading bay taking photos of myself.  I know it’s weird.

Snow and ballet flats don’t really go together.

Shoes locale
TightsJoe fresh
Dress – Value Village (Vancouver)
Sweater – Salvation Army (Whitehorse)


  1. Snow doesn't go with much haha. Leather ballet flats are able to take it better though, as opposed to things like satin. I've learned that the hard way lol. This is a really cute outfit! Great way to layer for the cold I'm sure you're experiencing!!!
    My Growing Obsessions


  2. I was going to do EBEW yesterday but I stood in my closet for like 30 min trying to figure out how to wear my one sequin top and just got totally frustrated and basically pulled on a sack and said f* it. I wasn't feeling festive enough to do it and was in a bit of a Dressember rut. Good for you doing the sparkly sweater, I didn't even thing of something like that! I could have worn my vulvatastic sweater!


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