Day & Dress #17

10:06 sunrise
15:47 sunset
today’s high: -1C
tonight’s low: -13C

The sun was out for a few hours today and I love the winter light.  It makes kinda crazy shadows on my wardrobe photos but it’s still beautiful.

Ben says it looks like I am wearing a sea urchin on my head.  Thanks, dear.

And Mingus still really likes to crash my dressember photos.

Boots – pleather from Vancouver years ago
Pants – Banana Republic, thrifted here in Whitehorse 2 weeks ago
Dress – Ann Taylor
Necklace – same one as yesterday, Superstore
Hat – Delux, from the Yukon College bookstore

Tomorrow is another full day with the first annual 5+ Hours of Light Fat Tire Festival taking place.  Same rules as other 24 hour races but this one being sunrise to sunset.  I think it’s going to be a really fun event so I hope lots of locals come out.  I’m not sure when the dress wearing is going to happen but I’ll deal with that tomorrow.  Maybe it’s time to combine my bike and dress love.


One comment

  1. Nice dress! I have a bikeskirt! And we have shorter days! Sunrise 10.11 and sunset 14.39. That's 4 h 28 min's daylight! And +1° C and a bit snow! Have a nice day and ride!


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