Day & Dress #24

10:11 sunrise
15:49 sunset

today’s high: -2C
tonight’s low: -5C

For a person who doesn’t really care about Christmas, is an avowed atheist and a pretty lame cook, it’s odd that tonight is one of my favourite nights of the year.  But since we moved to Whitehorse in 2007 we have been cared for by our good friends Sierra and Tony every Christmas Eve.  Sierra cooks up an amazing traditional Norweigan dinner and Ben and I stuff ourselves full of lefse, aquavit, pinnekjott, lutefisk, and rommegrot.  I love traditions and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to be included in this one.
Nothing too fancy for dinner dress and nothing too fitted.  That delicious meal needed room to expand.

Shoes – locale
Tights – Superstore
Sweater – Whitehorse thrift
Dress – Narcisste Designs, Vancouver
Pin – Gift from Claire, Hollywood thrift store

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