Day & Dress #27

10:11 sunrise
15:52 sunset
today’s high: -6C
tonight’s low: -9C

Mom and I went to the Canada Games Centre for a swim today – that’s why I am still wearing this hat. Crazy wet hair.  
Boots – Hush Puppies
Socks – ? can’t remember
Long underwear – Icebreaker (it has occurred to me that no one actually cares whether my tights are wool, polypro, Icebreaker, Smartwool or MEC but care. So there)
Dress Frecklewonder!
Long sleeved thermal – Icebreaker
Scarf – Somewhere in Las Vegas
Hat – Sauce Headwear
Do you ever wonder what I am looking at when I stand here, outside my door, for wardrobe photos?  Voila – my backyard, neighbours’ houses and the in far distance the community ice rink.  Pretty sky today isn’t it?

I do not want to return to work tomorrow.

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