Day & Dress #29

10:11 sunrise
15:54 sunset
today’s high: -9C
tonight’s low: -19C

I think today is the day where my dressember posts outnumber my posts about bikes.  I’m sure that will be rectified in 2012 but for now, dresses for the win!

It was beautiful out today – not the kind of day to stay inside and work.  But that’s what I did.  My mom came for a tour of the Archives this afternoon and I got Ben to snap some photos of me in the parking lot.  Check out the glorious sun flare.

Boots – Hush Puppies
Tights – Hue
Dress – Thrifted
Belt – Have had it for ages, possibly thrift in Vancouver
Earrings – Argentina, a gift from my mom

I took a couple of selfies outside the Archives as well.  I wanted to get a better angle on my polka-dotted tights.

Not super successful so I broke down and took these at my (messy) desk:

This is another dress that doesn’t belong to me.  My friend Margi picked it up at a Value Village in Vancouver.  It’s homemade and has these super interesting pleats around the neck, wrists and at the bottom of the skirt.  I have to say, when I finally chose the black belt to wear with it, I felt a little like I was channeling Sandra.  Maybe not quite so funky, but the belt did make me think of her awesome collection.  (I was thinking of belts such as this one or this one.)
I’m glad this was a short week.  I can hardly imagine five work days in a row at this point and, happily enough, there’s another holiday on Monday.  

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