Best of 2011

Like others before me (most notably, Jill) I decided to post a Best of 2011 in photos.  These aren’t necessarily the most technically awesome images (and let’s be honest – I use a point and shoot underwater camera – artiste is not what I am after) but they represent for me either a positive memory from 2011 or more accurately, a feeling of being in a place – most often at home in Whitehorse.

No surprise, most of the images feature bicycles in some way.  Next year I’ll have to try and have memorable adventures in dresses so I can post a few of those too.

January – Me and Mingus on Lake Laberge, new year’s day

February – Out in my neighbourhood trails with my new snow bike and my awesome Fat Tire Ballerina jersey. 

March – My first ride out at Fish Lake with Tony and Sierra.  

April – Maui.  Surfing.  I love that island.  Is it weird to love two such different places (the Yukon and Hawaii) so much?

May – Early season ride with friends.  This one I love because Monika’s smile expresses how I usually feel hanging out with these women.

June – 24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival at midnight.

July – Whitehorse’s first DH race from the top of Grey Mountain.  My dog, my man.  Good things.
August – Leg 3 at the Soggy Bottom 100.  Kind of a horrible ride, to be honest, but still an experience to learn from.  And probably an event to go back to.

Sept – Mountain Hero in the fall.  Most epic, beautiful ride in the Yukon.

October – View on my way to work.  I am trying to commute by bike more often.

November – View at sunrise in Vancouver.  I just love the light in this one.

December – Sierra at noon.  Bike, friend, a successful fat tire event.  Not bad.

Happy new year, everyone.


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