Day & Dress #31

10:10 sunrise
15:57 sunset

today’s high: -15C
tonight’s low: -21C

The end of Dressember!

Setting up the camera and forgetting to set the 10 second timer.  Bonus fabric close up shot!

And yes, it really is a dress.

Boots – Hush Puppies
Jeans – American Eagle
Dress – Thrifted for me by maven
Sweater – Two of Hearts, Vancouver
It didn’t seem that difficult this year, although I am looking forward to wearing jeans tomorrow – without a dress over top.  I think next year I will try and impose some stricter rules on myself (limit the number of dresses, perhaps or insist that I wear a dress for all activities – including bike rides) and see if I can do it as a fundraiser for a local charity.  I’ve got 11 more months to sort that out.

We are off to Atlin to ring in the new year.  Karaoke at the Rec Centre.  Should be good times.


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