Northern Lights for the New Year

10:09 sunrise
16:01 sunset

The northern lights came out yesterday on my mom’s last night here.  They weren’t spectacular but they were visible so it was a cool way to send her off.

This was was taken from my driveway:

And these were taken in a darker area just down the street and into some of the neighbourhood trails.  I tried a flash and a long exposure for the one of just my mom.  It’s a bit weird but you get an idea of how the aurora, when it isn’t very strong, sort of glows in the sky like an internally lit, greenish-yellow cloud.  I’d say it almost looks like smog (which is kind of weird considering smog is gross and northern lights are awesome).

Remember that if you click on this or any of the photos you’ll see a larger version (which I think helps with shots like these).  I am fond of this one since we’re both in it.

Thanks, precipitating energetic particles, you little protons and electrons, for making our night. 

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