First Fat Bike Ride of 2012

10:04 sunrise
16:11 sunset

Given that we still only have slightly more than 6 hours of daylight, you would think that the average Whitehorse winter cyclist would be excited to get out for a group ride on a warm Sunday in January.  But Monika is not average.

Stronger, faster and fitter than most, Monika doesn’t get enthused about a ride before noon; she has to be dragged kicking and screaming from her bed to get on her bike in the morning.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, at home or on vacation.  Force her to exercise before noon and she looks like she’s having as much fun as Liz Lemon at a strip club.

All the same we managed to convince Monika to come out for an 11am ride on one of the Grey Mountain trails – even after a very late night at Whitehorse’s Pecha Kucha event.

It didn’t begin well.  Fifteen minutes up Grey Mountain Road and the bonk had to be averted – breakfast in the form of Pepsi, a powergel and some water.

And was it one of the best snow bike rides ever? Nah. The trails were kinda soft and the day was sort of grey.  But it was still wicked fun and laughter filled.  Any Sunday spent on a fat bikes with these  kick-ass women is better than sleeping in.

We slipped and slid and youpie’d our way down the mountain, leap-frogging each other when one of us would spin out or veer off trail.  By the time we popped back out on the road, an hour and a half later, we were all smiles.

Even Monika.


  1. After 5 weeks, I learned that the best thing to do with Monika is – give her no options, stick her on the bike, ignore her complaining/suggestions for a shorter route, and eventually you will be rewarded with a giant grin. By the time you finish the ride, she has usually forgotten that she never wanted to do it.


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