Weekend in Atlin

9:38 sunrise

16:42 sunset

I’m not training for anything specific, but I like to pay some attention to my workouts.  So I am aware that my resting heart rate is 54 beats per minute and my max heart rate is 186.  I get a kick out of wearing Ben’s Garmin 500 and downloading spin sessions and bike rides.  One of the first times I used the device was during our Coal Lake ride back in July.

I intended to wear the Garmin on Saturday when Julie, Paula and I went for a snow bike ride in Atlin.  I wanted to track our route, the outside temperature and my heart rate.  However, in the rush to get out the door, I forgot to put it on.  Bummer, as I wanted to blog about the trails in Atlin and how my outdoor exercise compares to indoor.

The view from Paula’s front door
Instead, I am blogging about heart rate maximums while playing an Amish card game.  The evening’s crazy antics were Dutch Blitz and tea drinking while wearing a heart rate monitor.  It was my heart vs Ben’s (aka the loser vs the winner of the game).

I peaked somewhere around 101 bpm with the pressure of trying to get rid of my blitz pile and dig myself out of a negative score.  I’m not sure Ben ever cracked 70bpm but he claims he was feeling the stress.
We really did have a fun outdoor ride on Saturday but this is the only photographic proof I have to show for my weekend out of town.  I promise to do better next week when we head out to Arizona.  Ten days back in the state that I called home in 2004-05.  I’m looking forward to it.  Maybe I can monitor what sipping a margarita in the sun does to my max heart rate.  Stay tuned.

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