I can see Mexico from here

No really, I can see Mexico from my campsite.  We’re at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument which shares a 50km stretch of border with Mexico.  The campground in which we spent our first night was a mere 6.5km from the town of Sonoyta.

It’s beautiful here – spectacular morning and evening light and enough sunshine during the day to worry about getting a sunburn.  It’s isolated, too, which surprises me given that Tucson is only 200km away and Phoenix about the same distance.  I’ve borrowed a friend’s camera and Ben seems to be committed to taking photos of me taking photos.  Le sigh.

Last night I was woken up by what I can only assume was the hoot-hooting of a great horned owl.  After all the warnings by park staff and our guidebook I half expected to be woken up by a thirsty Mexican migrant crossing through the park.  But no, it was just a bird.

The area south of Interstate 10 in Arizona is an odd place.  The border patrol drives up and down the highway and we drove through checkstops where I was asked for my passport.  Add to this the aid stations scattered through the desert and I felt like I was in another country.  Not the USA, not Canada, somewhere…. else.  That said, it is beautiful and I’m looking forward to more camping among the cactus.  But first – a few days up north with friends in Prescott.



  1. Have you ever heard the American Life episode about the Minutemen who patrol the border? One of the best ever. I want you to get caught up in the drama of it all.


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