Lots of Light in the Copper State

8:51 sunrise
17:38 sunset

When I woke up this morning there was no doubt: we weren’t in Arizona anymore, Toto.  The light coming in through our bedroom window had a distinctly white/blue/grey tone.  For the last ten days I had been seeing nothing but light of a yellow/orange variety.  It’s amazing to me that, while the quality of the light is something that appeals to me in a huge way in both the Yukon and Arizona, the nature of it can be so different.

I took more than 200 photographs on our trip, partly because a friend loaned me her digital SLR and I wanted to play around with it.  I’m no artiste but it’s fun to see how different cameras “see” things and of course having the camera perform better in lower light conditions is a bonus – especially because I’m lazy and often use the ol’ auto settings.

Here are a few of my favourite light, sun and shadow images from our trip:

In Organ Pipe National Monument:

In Prescott:
On the Apache Trail in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix: 

Driving towards Tucson on highway 79:

Phoenix at dusk:

And this is what the light looked like back at home today.  Pretty, but definitely not southwestern.
That’s okay.  I’m ready to be back.  I am so thankful that I have the means to travel but I am even more grateful that I have a happy home.


  1. Those are great “light” pictures! I've only traveled in the Southwest US once, and that was just a somewhat impromptu/rushed spring break drive to Roswell, NM in like '98, so that area is pretty much unknown to me. But I remember being impressed by the horizons, of which you captured several lovely ones. I've flown to TX before and San Francisco twice, but I'd love to road travel out that way more at some point.


  2. Happy Times indeed. I'm glad you have them too! Wonderful pictures, you really are posting some amazing shots these days. The auroras are amazing.


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