Butting Heads With Mingus

8:25 sunrise
19:54 sunset

Also known as how I got a concussion from my dog.

I borrowed a fancy-pants camera from my friend Margi for our trip to Arizona.  I haven’t returned it to her yet and I thought that tonight I would take some photos of Mingus while out on a walk.  We’ve had a lot of new snow over the last week or so and I thought it would be a pretty background for my cute canine.

Little did I know that this activity would leave me with a swollen cheek and a really sore head.

I crouched down, in the trail, and called Mingus to come and see me.  He came barreling at me, sprinting along the path.  I just assumed he would deke around me or stop in front of me.  But no.  He ran full-tilt into my face.  Check it out:

He knocked me over into the snowbank, D90 camera flying and I was seeing stars.  It’s the most painful head knocking I have taken in some time.  Of course, as soon as I stood up, I took a photo of myself:


So I am off to bed with what I suspect is a low-grade concussion. If my cheek bruises impressively enough I will document that in the coming days.  Until then – goodnight.



  1. Ouch! Mingus–that's not what you were supposed to do! You got a great photo of him though. A border collie once flipped me off my feet and onto my back. I was holding her leash, someone threw a frisbee, and that was that. Hope you're okay, Jenn!


  2. I love his expression, and yours! I'm sorry but it's so funny. Be happy he hasn't slowed down. K-man is showing his age…you would have had time to move if you were photographing him 🙂


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