Fiscal Year End

7:45 sunrise
20:27 sunset

I’m sure a time-space physics kind of person somewhere can tell me why weekends move faster than weekdays.  How is it already Sunday night?

What have I been doing over the last couple of weeks?  Feels like a lot of work, to be honest.  My job has been really busy lately and stressful in a not-all-that-rewarding kind of way.  What else have I been up to?

Well, my face didn’t turn any particularly interesting colours after the Mingus incident.  My cheek swelled up funny on my left side (you can sort of see it here) but the pain was obvious really only to me.

Ben’s been on a pancake kick lately.    I think he has cooked breakfast for our friends the last three Saturdays.  That’s fine with me!  I especially like that our younger acquaintances like Rowan seem to enjoy hanging out at casa Jennjamin.

Made my first outing to Mt. Sima last weekend!  It wasn’t a great day but I did enjoy drinking beer in the lounge after our last run.

Spring is definitely here even if we did see -20C on the thermometer when I left for work Thursday morning.  The long days are back and when the sun is out, this is a glorious time of year.  Check out the super nice light that comes in through our living room window:

What else….  the end of March means the end of spinning.  Here’s my last class for spring 2012. Next up: that bike needs to get outside and see some pavement!

And this weekend I ventured out – even though I was cranky and not in the mood – on a longish snow bike with three girlfriends.  We were hoping for glorious blue skies and we didn’t get them but it was still, at the end of it all, a pretty great day.  Just being outside is good for the soul.  My bike-wife has already blogged about the day and, given my laziness of late, I’ll let her post speak for the experience.  Well, except I am going to share this photo – love my posse of bike grrls.

And now, as Sunday nears its end, I shall finish off this bottle of perfectly acceptable Shiraz Grenache and think about how to get through Monday.  I’m away to Ottawa this week which means tomorrow is another full and chaotic day.  Fiscal year end is worse than calendar year end if you’re a civil servant like moi.  Next time I post I hope it will be from Toronto – after 3 days of meetings in Ottawa I shall be visiting good friends in the big city.  Looking forward to it.

PS I feel compelled to tell you that my red face is not actually a result of the wine but is wind burn from our ride yesterday.  I know you won’t believe me, mom, but it’s true.

Kisses all!  Happy fiscal new year!


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