Mother’s Day

5:21 sunrise
22:32 sunset
Mom, you’ve always been awesome.  Thanks not only for the love you’ve shown me….

… but also for loving yourself and teaching me how important that is to being content and at ease with my own existence.

You made life easier for me because you never asked me to become anyone other than who I wanted to be.  You let me develop into my own person. It never mattered to you what I would do with my life, as long as I was happy. I think a lot of mothers talk the talk about not pushing their kids to be a certain way, but you walked the walk.

I actually don’t know how you did it but somehow you instilled in me a basic belief that I am worthy and good and capable of dealing with whatever the world throws my way.  For this – I am eternally grateful.

The last couple of years have been strange for me, as I accept that I am unlikely – through my own choices and desires – to ever become a mother.  It makes me oddly sad and yet it seems right because that’s always who I have been: the girl who never wanted to have kids.  It’s a strange thing, you know, wanting to grow up to be just like you and yet not have any children.

Thanks for letting me be me, mom. I love  you so much.



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