Vintage dresses in Whitehorse, part 2

4:48 sunrise
23:07 sunset

I caved. I spent much of today thinking abut the dresses I didn’t buy at that sale yesterday. And so, with my colleague who told me about the sale in the first place (and who is a good seamstress), back we went after work. I bought three more dresses. Two were ones that I wanted yesterday (the black taffeta and the blue brocade) and the other is one that I hadn’t noticed but Daintry wanted me to try on. It’s wool (we think) with velvet buttons and trim. Apparently it has kimono sleeves (what would I know? This is what my colleague told me) and it does remind me of something that Mad Men‘s Peggy would wear. Maybe that’s who I am more like in terms of the style of Mad Men characters – a little less bombshell and a lot more plaid.

Anyhow, here are my three newest acquisitions:

The blue one is kind of ridiculous but it fit really well and the heavy drapery at the bottom felt so luxurious. The bow/belt snaps on and off with metal snap buttons.  The black one is also a perfect fit… well, perfectly snug around my rib cage, but it looks pretty good on.  And the navy one doesn’t look like much on the hanger but it has an interesting cut and the velvet trim around the hips was just, well, too interesting for me to pass up.  I do plan to wear it tomorrow!
Edited, May 29, to add:
I got up, I got dressed and I even had time to take photos!
I’ve never worn the brooch before.  It was a gift from my mother-in-law who seems to have an endless supply of them.  It’s not a piece of jewellery I would usually wear but it seemed appropriate with today’s dress.

Gotta run – work calls!  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Fabulous–good job going back for those! How is the blue one ridiculous? It looks lovely and elegant, a timeless style. The black taffeta looks amazing, too.

    Joan is such a bombshell. Her wardrobe on the show is still very late 50s/early 60s, though the show is moving into the later part of the decade now. It's been fun seeing Peggy's wardrobe change with the times.


  2. Thanks Karen! I guess I meant ridiculous because it seems so formal. It reminds me a lot of the bridesmaid dresses from my mother's wedding. I mean, it's a lovely dress but it just seemed impractical (although really, I bought a blue prom dress the day before so who is kidding who here?!).

    I stopped watching Mad Men at the end of season 4. I loved the set design and clothing styles but overall I actually found the story quite depressing. That said, last night I downloaded the episode 1 season 5. That's what I plan to watch tonight!


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