A party colored staircase

4:58 sunrise
23:15 sunset

Dare I? Ben and I both loved this staircase (as it appears in a mag called The World of Interiors July 2009) as soon as we saw it.

But after the initial rush of thinking we would do this to our stairs, we have paused. While I am not necessarily a fan of wood just for wood’s sake, I do wonder if painting over perfectly good stairs is insanity. This is what they look like now (with Mingus making a guest appearance en route to bed tonight):

So they need work regardless. They will have to be sanded and revarnished and they are currently a very different color than our floors. How do we decide?  If we paint now have we screwed ourselves for possibly going back to a natural finish in the future?  What do we do with the three steps after the landing at the top?  So many questions.  So much lack of action.



  1. I'm not a fan of rainbow colors, but no denying that staircase pops! I like the look of your natural wood, but I think they'd also look really cool painted! Maybe do them all in one bright color, or pick a couple colors. We have a 1960s “floating” staircase that was covered in ugly tan carpet. Andy removed the carpet and painted the stairs white…which looks really cool, but they are always dirty.


  2. Hi Jenn. I think you should paint them… not saying the skittles stairs is THE way to go but I'm thinking just the risers. I'd love to do a post about it this week. I can get some more inspiration photos that might help you guys decide. I'll send you the link


  3. Wow that top inspiration house is trippy. Since we're going to be hopefully moving into a bigger house here pretty soon, I'm starting to think more about decor and paint and what we could do, etc. It's fun. But hard choices too, yes. And the action involved, ugh.

    I like the lady above's idea of painting the risers only, either a few fun colors or just white/black. From her blog it looks like you could also use a bleach type stain to maybe get the remaining wood a similar color to the floor.


  4. I like the rainbow stairs too!!! I am thinking of painting Rowan's room a bright blue, lime green and purple! Purple on the window wall; blue and green on the side walls?! Any other suggestions for a third colour other than purple?


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