Monochrome – Everybody Everywhere in August

6:10 sunrise
22:00 sunset

I haven’t written about bikes much lately.  Actually, I haven’t been writing too much at all.  I haven’t felt very inspired.

However, I have acquired some funky new threads the last few weeks.  Some have come via my trip to Toronto and some have come as hand-me-downs from a colleague.  I couldn’t quite make any of these new pieces work for this month’s everybody everywhere challenge (monochrome) but I was still inspired to look a little harder through my closet this morning.  Shoes were the sticking point.  In trying to go for a single dose of colour, my choices were green, red, black or brown.  I decided to go for a late summer pick me up in green.  There will only be a couple of weeks left of this summer shade here in the Yukon so I might as well enjoy it while I can!


Shoes – 60s sandals from tialeyvintage
  Dress – Ann Taylor Loft c. 2005
Necklace – Turquoise, Cameron Trading Post, Arizona


  1. Oh man, if I'd been more stringent and tried to have my shoes in on the monochromatic challenge, I'd definitely end up leaving the house in all brown or black…I don't have many (any?) non-shoe-colored shoes. I'm glad you went for green, it's a color that always makes me smile!


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