Squeezing Every Last Sunny Drop

8:05 sunrise
19:35 sunset
Whitehorse may have served up a pretty crap summer weather-wise, but I am willing to forgive and forget because fall has been awesome.
Mountain Hero in the fall
The month has been filled with sunlight and lots of bike rides.  I’m guessing that’s a huge surprise (insert sarcastic voice).  

Bottom of the Mountain Hero trail

I’ve even been out on my road bike a couple of times (riding to work and riding down the Alaska Highway just for fun).  That part actually was a surprise to me.

Alaska Highway looking south

There were even a couple of days that cracked 20C, a temperature that we experienced all too infrequently  in June.

View of Bennett Lake from MacDonald Creek trail

Bennett Lake

And the light – ooh the beautiful, beautiful light.

Powerline at the bottom of Boogaloo


Sunset from my bedroom window

Last year it snowed in early October and I took my fat bike out for a ride on the 15th.  By October 30th it was full-on snow season and finter was just a distant memory.  Overnight lows are projected to be down to -4C tonight and as I write it is already just below zero so indeed, winter is coming.  Thanks, September, for being so darn gentle.  I needed that.

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