New Winter Bike Gear

8:37 sunrise
18:56 sunset

The days keep getting darker and darker and after one last burst of fantastic, beautiful weather last weekend it appears that winter is here.  It may not be -30C yet but there is snow on the ground and the fireplace in our house is being deployed on a semi-regular basis.

I’m working on a list of goals as part of a “fit for 40” plan which is already being put into effect even though my list is not complete.  The list includes things like “40 push-ups” and  “drink a bottle of real champagne.”  Some of these “to dos” are to occur by the time I turn 40 next spring and some of them will be commitments for the year as it unrolls.  Outside of this list, however, I still want to have some adventures this winter.  Ideally, I’d like to experience them on my bike.

A small but imporant piece to experiencing the world at sub-zero temperatures came home with me today: the insulated pogie.

Do I look excited or what? These are bigger than my head!

I may not be in focus but the pogies are the point anyway

I am SUPER excited abut these (as you can see from my grin).  Made by a small company in Two Rivers Alaska (Dogwood Designs) that also makes gear for dog mushing, these are going to be AWESOME for longer hours out on the bike this year.  I may regret my decision to go with the white  fabric but I can’t help it. Matches my bike seat 🙂



  1. Those are great pogies. Beat has a pair that I've used on the Fatback. I'd love to start planning the specifics of our Pecha Kucha winter adventure soon. We'll have to start an e-mail thread .


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