Dressember starts tomorrow!

9:40 sunrise

15:59 sunset
As my friend Amanda tweeted this morning: it’s last call for pants!  Dressember begins tomorrow.  

As far as I can tell, Dressember was started by a blogger named Blythe but it was my interwebs friend Sandra who introduced me to it in 2010.  The idea is to wear a dress each and every day in December.  Why?  Blythe says that the spirit of Dressember is to reclaim/embrace/celebrate femininity and to not take life so seriously all the time.  I don’t consider myself to be all that feminine but I do like a challenge and I have a closet full of dresses.  However, since this will be my third Dressember (just check out all of my dressember tags) I thought that maybe, just maybe I could make my efforts be the teensiest bit meaningful.

To that end I have decided to up the ante.  Inspired by the Uniform Project (1 dress for 365 days) I am going to wear 1 dress for 31 days.  To add an extra challenge, I’ve decided to tell everyone I can what I am doing and I am going to ask them to donate to Right To Play on my behalf.

Why Right to Play?  Pfffttttt – there are so many deserving charities out there.  It was hard to choose.  Ultimately I picked this one for a few reasons:

* It was not established through a religious organization
* It deals with something that makes my life better: sport
* I don’t believe that play is a luxury
* Its HQ is in Toronto (although it was started by a Norweigan)

So starting tomorrow, I will be wearing the same dress for 31 days in a row. My rules are that the dress is what I wear as my “staple” item of clothing but I don’t have to wear the dress at all times for everything that I do.  For example, I plan to ride my snow bike and to ski as much as I can over the next month.  I do not intend to wear my dress while riding.  It’s just not practical – especially in a Yukon winter.  But, for all other activities, when a dress would not be a hindrance, that’s what I will be wearing.

Wanna see it? I’ve decided to go for the classic LBD. 

I chose this one out of my closet because I think it will be the easiest to layer both underneath and on top of.  I anticipate that some days, I will actually wear two dresses – one on top of the other – just to stay warm (and to mix it up a bit).  

Other deets:
* 95% polyester (right to my 70s heart)
* Purchased at the Bay in Toronto
* Can’t recall if it was $19 or $24, but cheap(ish)
* I have actually never worn it out of the house
* Brand: Vero Moda
* Made in Ukraine

I will be taking a daily photo and posting them here.  You, my few readers, would make me so very happy if you would contribute to my cause.  Even $5 is something. I’m not kidding when I say that no amount is too small.  And, if you really want to make my heart sing, leave me an encouraging comment or two.  It’s free and it feels good.

So – until tomorrow then!  I am going to enjoy my last few hours in trousers!


  1. Oh my, reading this is giving me the bug! Your dress looks awesome and I was thinking if I did it I'd do a black dress and/or series of black dresses too (which it looks like Blythe is maybe doing). I like that you are reminding us / telling us it's okay to not really be wearing the dress all day, during all activities, but that it will be part of your main outfit… that would be the only way I could participate this year and now I think maybe I will do it but it is 5:34 am and I'm on coffee #2 so who knows how the day will fall out. But GO YOU! And I plan on leaving my no-amount-too-small donation at some point. I haven't checked yet if they take paypal…


  2. I love the charity you chose!
    You already impressed the last couple of years by doing dressember in the Yukon (no mean feat) but this year you're raising the bar even higher with the one dress challenge! I'm so excited to see what you come up with over the month 🙂


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