9:44 sunrise
15:56 sunset

In Dressember news, Amanda is also joining the challenge!  This is excellent news for anyone with an interest  in photography (’cause she does that professionally) or an interest in a Dressember blog with a little more, ehrm, actual fashion sense.  Amanda always looks amazinng.

On the other hand, I am here to impress you with my dedication to the cause when I really want to be wearing puffy boots and a balaclava.  That said, you never know. I might sport those later this week if it doesn’t warm up.  Today was no nicer out than yesterday and ya, Dressember in the sub-freezing (30 degrees Celcius below freezing to be exact) is definitely a challenge.  I think there will be some serious layering happening tomorrow.

Like my visible breath? Ya. Cold.

It has been a pretty low key weekend and aside from a baby shower that I attended today I have spent the day indoors by the fire. In fact, I have been sitting here for about four hours now….

But on to the Dressember deets:

Dress – Vero Moda
Shoes – old, old Sketchers
Leg Warmers – cut up over the knee socks from Sock Dreams
Tights – good ol’ Superstore, Joe Fresh
Cardigan – Joe Fresh
Necklace – a hand me down from my friend Claire

If you are enjoying these updates, please consider making a donation to my chosen charity: Right To Play.  I’ve set up a giving page via Canada Helps.  The Right To Play button under my profile will take you there.

And for a backgrounder on what this Dressember thing is, check out my opening and explanatory post.  It’s just a little bit of mid-winter fun that I am documenting on a daily basis.


  1. Yay, it's Dressember again! What I enjoy most is that you dress up for -30. Back when I lived in Alaska, I used to wear multiple layers of fleece to the office whenever the temperature dipped below 20F.


  2. Ha – Clove, I knew it was you from the tone. Thanks! I am kinda liking being a red head but I don't know how long I can keep it up.

    Sandra – yes! Amanda is/was cakeybabes back in the remix days.


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