9:46 sunrise
15:55 sunset

First of all, thank-you SO SO much to everyone who made a donation today.  Honestly, when those little emails arrived to tell me that people have donated to Right To Play on my behalf, I was touched.  I’ve never done this before – it feels good!

Grey, light snow and it is still @!#$! cold out.  Another day of -28C.  This big cozy sweater and a wool layer under the dress helped, but it wasn’t enough to keep me toasty warm.   I was hoping for more of a yellow/orange/red thing from top to bottom today but the orange of the tights isn’t as obvious against the red shoes (probably because I am wearing a red pair of tights underneath the orange for warmth).  What can I pull out of the closet tomorrow……?

Today’s Dressember deets:
Dress – Vero Moda
Sweater – Ann Taylor Loft
Tights – Nordstrom Rack (Hue, I think)
Shoes – Vancouver 4th Avenue shop close to a decade ago
Not visible – My wool undershirt
If you are enjoying these daily updates (or even if you are just stopping by today), please consider making a donation on my behalf to the charity Right To Play.  I’ve set up a giving page via Canada Helps.  The Right To Play button under my profile, on the right, will also take you there.
For a backgrounder on what the heck I am doing here, check out my opening and explanatory Dressember post.  It’s just a little bit of mid-winter fun that I am documenting on a daily basis.  Thanks for stopping by.


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