9:52 sunrise
15:52 sunset

It is still cold.  Another day at -30C today.

I rode to work though and since it wasn’t windy and I was overdressed, it actually wasn’t that bad.  I changed into my dress once the sun came up at work and then I popped outside to take this:

At lunchtime Brenda and I went out for our dressember photo shoot.  The light was still beautiful.  We decided we wanted to up the entertainment factor of our portraits.  This is our failed jump shot.  Please note the claw.  I do this with my hands in practically every jump shot I attempt.  Flattering.  I offer it here for your amusement.
Dress – Vero Moda
Sweater – Jacob
Tights – Joe Fresh (Superstore again)
Socks – Smartwool
Shoes – Clark’s. Meant to wear boots today but they were a casualty of the bike ride to work (as in, I didn’t bring them).
As several of you have asked about the laundering of my dress or whether I wear deodorant, here’s the deal. I think we wash our clothes way too often.  So I figured the plan would be that I will wash the dress every Friday night.  And yes, it is the same item of clothing that I am wearing each day, not just the same dress purchased in multiples.  And ya, I’m sporting underarm charm and I make sure that I don’t sweat in the dress (ie: I did not bike into work while wearing it).  I also have usually been wearing a wool tshirt underneath so I think that helps.  That said….. it will be time for a bit of soap and water for this polyester baby tomorrow night.  Don’t judge me.
Also, my friend Sierra reminded me tonight that I had originally planned to wear the same dress but to let blog readers accessorize it for me through their donations (ie: donate x dollars and you can tell me what to wear tomorrow).  I’m going to try and rig something up this weekend so if that sounds fun to you, stay tuned.


  1. I don't think it is gross to only wash it once a week. I think people do laundry too often also.

    Wow so your noon time sun is sort of like afternoon sun? I guess that makes since given your sunrise/sunset but I guess it is the first time I realized that. Guess I go to University of Duh also. 🙂


  2. You can also use the tried & true trick of costume designers and make a vodka/water spray to de-stink your dress between washings. 1 part vodka, 4-5 parts water, spritz and let air dry.


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