9:54 sunrise
15:51 sunset

So happy it’s Friday.  So bummed that it is still -27C.  Environment Canada claims it is going to warm up to -2C on Sunday but I will believe that when I see it.

So I have managed the first seven days of the Dressember challenge – yay me!  If you have been watching my donations page you will see that I have upped my goal from trying to raise $250 to $400.  I have come really close to $250 this first week and so I thought I could try and be successful with a slightly higher number.  You, my awesome friends, have made this possible.  Again, thank-you.

Lunchtime at the Archives (or the ‘chives as we sometimes call it – pronounced not like the onion but rather like archives without the “ar”).

Todays’ dressember details:

Dress – Vero Moda
Tshirt cmbc (underneath)
Slip – secondhand via Margi
Jeggings – yes jeggings, from Wal-Mart. Once part of a hilarious costume, these have served me well.
Boots – Miz Mooz

If you are enjoying these updates, please consiuder making a donation to my chosen charity: Right To Play. I’ve set up a giving page via Canada Helps.  The Right To Play button under my profile will also take you there.
For a backgrounder on what this Dressember thing is, check out my opening and explanatory post.  It’s just a bit of mid-winter fun that I am documenting on a daily basis.

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