10:03 sunrise
15:47 sunset

Can I just say that you folks are amazing?  Thirteen days into this silliness and you have helped me not only meet my fundraising goal for Right To Play but also exceed it.  Tonight as I sit down to write my Dressember post I am so thrilled to say that together we have raised $500 for an organization that does really powerful things with kids and sport.  Improving self-esteem, developing an ability to resist peer-pressure, learning to resolve conflict peacefully and to problem-solve: these are all things that Right To Play’s programs help make happen.  Thank-you, thank-you from the bottom of my frozen winter heart for your donations and your comments here.

It’s been a busy week for me and I am feeling the soul crushing darkness of the shortest month of the year. Thankfully, it has been considerably warmer out this week. Even Mingus is now willing to spend a bit of time outside rather than just rushing outside and back in again when nature calls.

Some colleagues said that today’s Dressember outfit was cheating because I belted and shortened the dress. Naturally, I disagree.  I am still wearing the same dress, after all.

But, I made it more dress-like for the double-Dressember photo with Brenda.

Dressember Details:
Dress – Day 13 of this polyester beauty from Vero Moda
Pants – Yoga Jeans
Shoes – Clark’s
Necklace – Yukon College Bookstore
For a backgrounder on what this Dressember thing is, check out my opening and explanatory post.  It’s just a bit of mid-winter fun that I am documenting on a daily basis.
And, if you are enjoying these updates (or even if you aren’t) please consiuder making a donation to my chosen charity: Right To Play. I’ve set up a giving page via Canada Helps.  The Right To Play button under my profile will also take you there.

One comment

  1. I, of course, do not think it's cheating. It's the same dress, no? 🙂

    yoga jeans are THE BEST. that is all.

    and wooohooo $500+… gonna make my donation NOW.


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