10:11 sunrise
15:51 sunset

Dressember the 25th began with a beautiful sunrise.  We had friends over for brunch.

Then we went for a ski.  It was frosty at -22C but it felt not too bad given the very cold weather we have had for most of December.

And now we are heading out for dinner at yet another friend’s home.  I love having friends who like to cook and who like to invite me over.  Two minutes after I put these tights on I stuck my thumb through them creating a large hole.  Doh!

Dress – Day 25 of one Vero Moda polyester dress
Tights – Reitman’s
Shoes – Franco Sarto
Necklace – Made from a brooch given to me by my friend Claire who picked it up in Hollywood
And I will leave you with the fabulous card from my friend Sierra.  As a person who generally doesn’t buy Christmas gifts I have been very kindly treated by Sierra, Paula, Julie and Monika this year.  Thanks to them (I need you guys) and to everyone who has been contributing to Dressember and Right To Play.  Love and the kindness of strangers.  Stuff like that is what keeps me from being a complete Christmas grinch.
To those of you who celebrate the holiday – merry, merry to you!



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