2013 – Fit for 40

10:05 sunrise
16:07 sunset
On May 6, 2013 I will turn 40.
The phrase Fit for 40 started being tossed around by Monika (who crosses into her 40s a mere 23 days before I do) a few months ago.  I figured it was time to make a list.  40 goals for turning 40.  Blending athletic and more… cerebral? experiential? goals I figure that completion of these things sometime before I turn 41 will make for a pretty fabulous 17 months.
Some of these I am working on now (#1, #38), some are ongoing resolutions (#14, #17, #40) and some of them are event specific (#3, #9, #10).  Several have been lifted straight from Woody Guthrie’s 1942 New Years Rulin’s (#19, #21, #33) just because I liked them so much.  Only one of them (#37) might be unreasonable in its challenge and logistics.  Learning to spell tomatoes correctly didn’t make the list but the embarrassment of posting the spelling error publicly should mean I’ll never make the same mistake again. 
All of them are posted here to keep me honest.


  1. Ooh, good on you, posting this publicly. I've been thinking about this too–I'm not 40 til 9/2014 but I thought it would be cool to make the 40th year a little intentionally exciting. Pushups, solo travel, bike overnights, new sports, and one delicious cocktail are all on my list. I've been working on my Manhattan. Keep us posted!


  2. Happy New Year, Jenn! Great list. I'm hoping I can help with number 34. We need to start doing some planning. Do you and Sierra have an ideal set of dates or know whether or not you want to include the Homer Epic 100K ride in your visit? I can start working on some logistics.

    Either way, I hope to see you sometime in March!


  3. Overnight bike adventure in the winter??!??

    And Skagway. I'll totally ride to Skagway. If you're thinking chill pace. But hell, I could hitch hike part way through if I blow up (ie. before the Carcross cut-off.

    Miss you Jenn!


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