40 is coming

Best birthday card ever.  Thanks mom.  You nailed this one.

Inside it says “And eventually, after a few cocktails, acceptance.”
Here’s to some acceptance and turning 40 in San Francisco!


  1. aw, it really isn't such a trauma turning 40! (Having done it 4 years ago, I can attest.) Well, I guess it's different for everyone, naturally, so I hope SF and cocktails ease the transition. (Love the shoes on the gal on the card.)

    A very happy birthday to you, Jenn!


  2. Happy Birthday! I just watched “This is 40” and was not all that impressed, that's what happens when all the funny parts are shown in the trailers. I've got two more years and you're a great inspiration for how 40 really isn't that big of a deal. Keep it up!


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