Fast is Hard

5:01 sunrise
22:53 sunset

I “raced” my mountain bike last night.  I put “raced” in “quotes” because I’m not out there expecting to win anything nor is it really a mystery who will finish in what order (at least in my category).  Moreover, only a handful of people are at our community races.  In my category, there were two of us (and yes, I finished 2nd).  I also generally dislike the competition/ranking aspect of racing.  So then….. why was I out there?

Oh ya, I challenged myself to participate in one twoonie race with our local mountain bike club at the Mount MacIntyre course this year.  Goal #12 Fit for 40.

It’s hard to try and ride your bike fast and I’m not very good at it.  Rule #10 (I can’t believe I am quoting these f@*#ing rules) says it never gets easier, you just go faster. Maybe one day I will get faster?  I guess the goal was to put myself in an uncomfortable place, just to see how it feels and to suffer a bit.  To push harder to go faster than I would on my own.  Presumably in all of this I come out the other side having learned or experienced something new.

Do I look tired?  I was tired.  Check out my flushed face, more than an hour after the race was over.

And yes, there was this brief moment, in the hour or so after finishing, when my head felt empty, calm.  It’s sort of like the wire scrub brush feeling in my lungs, from breathing so hard, was extended to my head as well.  Riding hard scrubbed all of the distracting thoughts from my mind and left me, along with a tired body, a tired mind.  And that feeling might make going out again next week worth it.


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