Heels today, cleats tomorrow

5:57 sunrise
22:15 sunset
I had today off work and since it was such a gorgeous day, I wore one of my favourite summer dresses instead of slobby shorts and a t-shirt.  I’ve remixed this beauty before but it’s worth another showing, I think. And I now have the perfect pair of green shoes to wear with it.  

Today’s outfit is in sharp contrast with what I will be wearing tomorrow.  I plan to try and knock fit for 40 goal #10 off my list and ride my bike to Skagway so it will be spandex and cycling shoes.  I’m quite nervous as I have never actually ridden a bicycle for 160km at one go.  I’m not entirely sure that I can do it – at least with the amount of training I have done (ie: none) for this.  Don’t get me wrong – I ride my bike pretty regularly but a two hour ride on a mountain bike is not 160km on the road.  And a mostly uphill road until the last 20km at that!  But, if all goes well, I will be sipping a spruce tip beer at the pub in Skagway tomorrow for dinner.  Fingers crossed!


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