#23 – check! (that was easy)

6:34 sunrise
21:31 sunset

Checked off a few more fit for 40 goals from the list this week.  I am realizing how many of them are summer-oriented and, while I gave myself until I turn 41 to complete them, my birthday is in May so things like “have an overnight bike adventure in summer” are starting to seem like challenges that perhaps won’t be met.  We’ll see.

Last Monday I rode Mountain Hero with my friend Kate, which was great fun because she has never ridden the trail before and because just being up there is spectacular, even on a mediocre weather day, which is what we got.

New trail marker and license plate at the top of Mountain Hero

And then this week I thought I should get around to #23 which was a bit of a random goal to bike from the bottom of Grey Mountain to the second parking lot in less than 31 minutes.  Why 31 minutes?  As far as I can recall, that’s the quickest I was able to cover that route in 2010 when I was training for TransRockies.  It’s kinda funny that when I look at the post I wrote in 2010 about trying to ride faster up the road, that post also includes a day on Mountain Hero.  Sheesh, am I that predictable?  Maybe.

Doing my best grinning idiot pose after I realized I had made it in less than 30 minutes

Anyhow, I was pretty stoked to go parking lot to parking lot in 29:48 on Tuesday.  I was certainly trying hard to be fast but more in a consistent, steady way than in a lungs-burning-I’m-dying way.  What I’m saying is: I think I could do it even faster (but I don’t have to!).


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