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Last Friday I attended an exhibit opening for work (stereo-photographs from the archives) and I ran into M, one of my pop choir colleagues.  There are 20 of us who make up the group and I only knew one of them before stepping into that room.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, choir and singing lessons have been overwhelmingly scary and somewhat hard on my self-esteem.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I expected to sound good or to have any idea what I am doing but, still, it’s hard putting myself out there on a weekly basis and hearing the truth. Anyhow, M and I got to chatting about choir and then, to another friend I was with, she said something about how I had such a pretty voice, singing with all the sopranos who all sound so beautiful.  It was an off-handed comment but it was just so unexpected and, to be honest, shocking to me that another person could (a) hear me and (b) think that I sounded okay.  I told her so.  I also told her that while I was thrilled to know that I don’t sound like a wailing banshee, the truth is that there are two or three women who sing in my section who honestly do have glorious voices. Then we got into the inferences I had made about her: that she surely was an experienced singer and that she was confidently rocking out at our weekly practices.  Turns out that she was just as terrified as I was on day one.  In fact, she has been occasionally just mouthing the words when she feels less confident than usual.  She said she was too shy to try out for any of the other choirs in town and because this one didn’t require auditions (I think the choir director just straight up took the first 20 people who contacted her) she was brave enough to come.  BAM! Talk about assumptions. Anyhow, it was happy, warm feelings all around to talk to each other and realize that we have a lot in common when it comes to this choir experience and to acknowledge how much fun we are actually having on Tuesday evenings.

I’ve got choir tonight and am pretty stoked that we will be working on White Winter Hymnal.  My only fear is that because it is a song I love that I might start to like it less depending on how much butchering of the tune we get up to.  We’ll see.

In other music news, I went to a Martha Wainwright concert at the Arts Centre last night.  More awesome. What a super quirky, immensely talented woman she is.  And because I spent much of work today listening to various members of the Wainwright family on the interwebs, enjoy this clip of Rufus and Martha singing an Elton John tune.  The quality of the recording is terrible but I love how much fun they are having.  And then there’s her ah-maaaazing outfit. I’m kinda loving this music thing.


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