No Dressember in 2013

9:44 sunrise
15:56 sunset

So there will be no Dressember this year; at least, not for me.  I just can’t get excited about it for a 4th year. Last year people we so generous with their donations to Right to Play on my behalf and I just don’t feel the same desire to wear a dress every day for a month.  Between choir (still so much fun!), yoga, spinning, and just surviving winter, I can’t be bothered this year.  Call it a case of the blahs, I’m just not playing along in 2013.



  1. I feel you, and I'm not even that busy. Maybe it is blahs or the fact that I just haven't been into documenting my outfits that much anymore or whatever. I feel like last year I was really fizzling out toward the end of dressember anyway. It was fun while it lasted though. Is anyone doing it? I haven't looked around. OK I just did, looks like Blythe (the originator?) has taken off on the “raising funds” angle of it too this year (you trendsetter you!) and even got all fancy with a custom URL – Kind of interesting to see the “history” of it there.


  2. Huh. Thanks for that link. I haven't looked around the interwebs for that at all this year. I am feeling very out of sorts with outfit documenting as well lately. I was kind of hoping that my 'year of being 40' portraits project would keep me interested in the documentarian part of me but I am getting quite bored of looking at my own face every day too. We need some kind of interweb social media revolution, me thinks.


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