My 7th running of the Klondike Road Relay

7:03 sunrise
20:55 sunset

Well hello.  It’s September.  Must be time for my annual post about the Klondike Road Relay.

It’s 9:30pm and I really should get to bed and try to sleep before I get up in the dark to drive out to Carcross and meet half of my team.  But I’m a night owl and I just can’t do it yet.  Maybe by 10pm I’ll be able to tuck myself into bed and at least “rest my eyes” as my grandpa used to say.

I just finished putting together a running playlist.  I’ve done this the last couple of times I’ve run in the KRR and I enjoy the process of trying to figure out what song I want to hear at what point during the sufferfest.  I don’t usually run and listen to music so it’s like a special treat to have tunes for the race. In classic Jenn-fashion, the list doesn’t really hang together all that well (as in, it wouldn’t be featured on any dance floor I can think of) but I’m hoping that my own special combination of Hawksley Workman, Robyn, the Bee Gees and Joy Division gets me through all 17.6km of leg 9.

This year’s goal: run at a 6:00/kilometer pace.  I’ve never been a speedster and I’m not about to make the Olympic track team but I have been running a little bit more this summer than in recent years and I am hoping to set my self up for a sub 2 hour half-marathon in Victoria in October.  We shall see.  For now, goodnight!


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