Stuff n’ Things

7:20 sunrise
20:33 sunset


That’s how long it took me to run 17.6km.

It means that I ran a 5:58/kilometre (or 9:35/mile) pace. This was my goal; I should be pleased.  I feel kind of mediocre about it though.  Given the amount of effort that it took me, I am unlikely to run a sub 2 hour half in Victoria.  I’d need to knock 20 seconds off each kilometer for that to happen and unless Victoria is all downhill (which it isn’t) I have to be realistic and not expect it to happen “just because I’d like it to.”  Running isn’t easy for me.  And I suppose I shouldn’t expect it to be, given the amount of time I put into it.  While I have made a more concerted effort this summer, 3x/week isn’t really enough to progress.  But it is enough to be able to run the distance and still be able to dance at the after-party.  And that is good.

Otherwise, it’s full-on fall here.  We’ve had a couple of frosts overnight already and I have abandoned hope of our tomatoes ever ripening.  Pop choir starts next week and I feel so damn lucky that I fell in with that group since it brought me so much genuine and unexpected joy last fall and spring. I’m feeling like it might be time to do something new with my hairs again – whether that’s colour or growing this cropped ‘do out, I don’t know yet.  I love it short but I also seem to like constant change. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm what else….. I’m heading off on a bikecation next week to the Chilcotens in BC (going to be amazing!!); I am taking some courses towards a social work degree (but aren’t you an archivist? yes, but I’m thinking about change, even as it distresses me); we are renovating the shit out of our kitchen (slowly); and I am, as always, dreaming about hot sunny vacations for the winter that will soon be upon us.

So this whole post has kind of turned into me providing an update to my handful of friends in the computer but whatever.  I felt like typing tonight.



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