New year, new blog

All it took was a little injury to make me realize how very very much I like being strong and healthy of body.

And the injury was (is) small.  I made the stupid mistake of trying to lift the dog on to our bed. This was after he tried – and failed – to jump up on his own due to stiff legs after our 3000′ hike up to and down from a cabin for new year’s eve.  So instead of just letting Mingus curl up on his own – perfectly comfortable and soft – dog bed, I got up and tried to lift him into ours.  I neglected to notice that my legs were also pretty damn stiff after hiking down from the cabin and I put all of my effort into lifting the dog with my lower back.  Ouch.  Ya, I pulled something.

The good news is that now, 13 days later, it’s feeling much better.  Three physio appointments, 1 massage therapy session, some tears and it’s better.  The pain isn’t gone but it’s going.  And I am so.very.grateful.

So happy new year.  May it be a healthful one.  Happy new blog.  I brought the old content over here with me though.  I don’t like forgetting where or what I used to be.  And happy new hair.  I’m ready to grow it out a bit. Let’s see where this year goes.




  1. Happy New Year Jenn! As you know I’m a fierce blogger advocate and always cling to hope that others won’t abandon the medium entirely. So yay! Hope you stick with this new blog. 🙂

    Also hope to see you in March. I’ll be in touch soon with my plans.


    1. Also, meant to say, sorry to hear about your injury. I generally incur my most painful injuries in rather silly ways unrelated to any of my outdoor adventures, so I can sympathize.


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