A holiday in the desert

Have you ever done something that makes you feel simultaneously like an adult and yet awfully childish?  I did this week.  I booked myself a solo trip to Palm Springs. I leave on Monday. The mature/immature tension exists because I feel awfully privileged and grown up to be able to do what I want, when I want, with money I earned and yet spending money and time on an unnecessary vacation just because I wanted to, without thinking it through, feels impulsive and self-indulgent, like children can be.

palm springs

Vintage postcard used on the cover of Peter Moruzzi’s book about Palm Springs

At any rate, I am stoked about this.  I have done very little travelling on my own, so I am excited and a little bit nervous about that.  I’m also really looking forward to being warm, nay, hot for a few days.  My plans are to look at mid-century architecture, go to the Art Museum, find some thrift shops, drink cocktails and ride a bike through Joshua Tree National Park.  Can’t wait!


Portland by cocktail

8:47 sunrise
18:45 sunset

I had a great trip down to BC and Oregon.  I had lots of time to catch up with friends and the weather, across the entire 10 days, was amazing.

As usual, I’ve posted lots of photos over on flickr, even though its new look and functionality are kinda driving me crazy.  I’ve invested so much effort into that site in terms of how I share my photos that at the moment I can’t see backing out.  At least, not yet.

So ya, I had a really wonderful, relaxing time away.  Portland, especially, I thoroughly enjoyed since I hadn’t been to the city for probably 8 years, although I have been on the Oregon coast (Lincoln city and Seaside) more recently.  Along with my friend Sierra I biked, shopped, ate and drank my way around the city.  It was awesome.

I wish I had taken photos of all the amazing meals we had or even of all the spectacular drinks we imbibed but you will have to be satisfied with a more limited selection.

Breakfast day #1 – Tasty n Sons on N. Williams Avenue

As Sierra called them, these were adult mimosas.  Not just oj and sparkling, these babies had that little extra oomph.  On the left, a Summer of ’75 (sparkling, gin, watermelon, lemon, st. germain) and on the right, a Flamingo (sparkling, vodka, grapefruit, campari). Delicious.

Breakfast cocktails at Tasty n Sons

Afternoon cocktails day #2 – Teardrop Lounge on NW Everett

The best thing about our airbnb rental (and it was pretty cute) was that it was just up the street from this awesome place.  While we fully intended to explore bars around the city, we ended up coming back to this one every afternoon for a cocktail…. or two.  Behold the Race Day Cup.  Made only in large portion servings (for 2-6 people) this consists of macchu pisco, luxardo maraschino, cherry heering, lemon, oleo-saccharum and brut rosé sparkling. Garnished with cucumber and rose petals.

Race Day Cup at Teardrop Lounge

Breakfast day #3 – Por Que No? on SE Hawthorne Blvd

It probably exists at Canadian Mexican restaurants but horchata will always remind me of roadside taco stands in Arizona. This Horchata Borracha was made with rum. Yum! Also on the table we have a Bloody Maria (made with with tequila instead of vodka and the most amazing garnish ever), and I believe a Rum & Agua Fresca.  The pink drink with lime is a non-alcoholic juice the combination of flavours I have sadly forgotten.

Breakfast bevvies on the patio

It was probably a good thing that we were only there for three full days.  We gave our livers a gentle, all-day kind of workout but, I suppose that at some point, all good things have to come to an end.  But Portland – I’ll be back!

Comin’ back from Cali, from Cali, from Cali

5:05 sunrise
22:49 sunset

So, I’m back from California.  That means I’m 40, which somehow seems okay to me now. It also means that it should be nice here in Whitehorse by now but this is not the case.  4C as I type and it was below zero this morning when I went up to the location for our 24 Hours of Light mountain bike festival that will be happening in a mere month. I know I complain about the weather all the time but come ooooonnnnnn.

Anyhow, I wrote about our riding in California here, a bike blog that I may contribute to on a more regular basis.  Suffice to say that it was great fun being on vacation with my friends and I only wish we hadn’t done so much driving.  The RV we rented was hilarious but there is only so much chattering up and down highway 101 that anyone can take before starting to go bonkers.

Parking the RV at our campsite at New Brighton Beach

After six days of riding we settled into a weekend in San Francisco, which was awesome.  We rented this spiff pad in the Noe Valley/Castro area and then proceeded to eat our way around the city.  I only wish there had been more time!

This is at Kronnerburger where the tag line is: “Rare Salty.”  It was both.

Neat-o dessert at The Slanted Door: lychee cotton candy

Birthday menu at NOPA. I had the tagine and the baked cauliflower plus bits and pieces of everyone else’s meal

I also saw two really excellent exhibitions at SFMOMA (Garry Winogrand and Lebbeus Woods) and spent some quality time digging through the racks at a Thrift Town and a Ross store.  I was pretty restrained when it came to actually buying stuff.  Most of my money went into good food and drink, which I think is the way to go.  I did, however, splurge on this disco hoodie for my birthday.  But come on how could anyone resist?!  It’s made from disconium!

So, the big birthday trip is over and now it’s down to summer Yukon business.  As I have mentioned, year in and year out on this blog, summer is manic season and things are about to get crazy.  Last week alone our mountain bike club had an intro to mountain biking course on Monday, a group ride and twoonie race on Tuesday (I went to yoga), the Ride of Silence on Wednesday, a women’s group ride on Thursday and I think on Friday I actually rested.  Summer’s like that up here.  Now all we need is a bit of warm weather to accompany it all.

Tomorrow: will I be brave and go suffer through a Mt Mac Twoonie Race as per my fit for 40 goal #12?  Pfftttt, I am not feeling enthused.  We’ll see.